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Monday, September 16, 2013

Red Sox vs Yankees September 14, 2013

The Red Sox completed the sweep of the New York Yankees this weekend behind some spectacular pitching (Lester on Saturday and Buchholz on Sunday), some great hitting (Salty's grand slam on Friday and Nava hitting .306 for the season), and some surprise base running (Salty stealing home on Sunday).  They are currently 9.5 games up from the Rays, and their Magic Number stands at 4.

Saturday, September 14th, I was able to attend my second Red Sox-Yankees game.  Not only was it just a week prior that I went to the first game (at Yankee Stadium, here's the post), but the game on Saturday was at Fenway Park.  

The whole atmosphere at Fenway Park is different compared to Yankee Stadium.  While Yankee Stadium may have a well-known steak house, Fenway has Fenway Franks.  I know you may not think they compare, but when you go to Fenway Park, a Fenway Frank is the way to go.  Plus, Cole had to get a sausage from the sausage guy after the game (Rachael Ray recreated the recipe for these sausages on her show.  Here's the recipe).  Fenway Park food is iconic.

Besides the food, the fans seem to be more focused on the game at Fenway Park; or at least, that's my experience.  We saw in the bleachers at both games, but there were definitely more people in the bleachers at Fenway compared to Yankee Stadium.  The people were cheering for plays rather than yelling "(Insert opposing team here) sucks!".  Now, Red Sox fans do boo A-Rod mercilessly, but they cheer Mariano Rivera too.  

Side note: if you didn't get to watch the Mariano Rivera ceremony last night, definitely check out the video here.

I am happy to report I purchased my Jonny Gomes t-shirt!

For those of you who don't know, Fenway Park is very special to me.  My great-grandfather played for the Red Sox from 1931-1932, and I grew up a Red Sox fan (as did every other member of my family).  Walking around Fenway Park and thinking that my great-grandfather could've walked the same path as me 80+ years ago literally sent chills down my spine.

This was my fourth time at Fenway Park.  I went to a game in 2005 against the Kansas City Royals, and two games in 2010 against the Cleveland Indians.  Now that I'm living in Connecticut, I'm sure I'll be going to many more games.

Speaking of going to more games, my boyfriend and I decided we're going to Baltimore on September 28th for the Red Sox-Orioles game that night.  We're both really excited about that, since neither one of us has been to Oriole Park at Camden Yards before.  So, in less than a month on the East Coast, I'll be going to 3 Red Sox games and experience 2 new ballparks.  Not bad.

Below, you will find pictures from Fenway Park on Saturday. 

Outside of Fenway Park
Jerry Remy's Restaurant, across from Fenway Park
View of the field before the game
Another view of the field before the game
Red Sox take the field
Fenway Park and Press Box
Lester pitching
Pedroia batting and Sabathia pitching
Victorina in Center Field and Gomes in Left Field
My boyfriend, Cole, and me
Yankee bullpen coming out.
My mom wanted a picture of Mariano River, and this was the closest thing I could get
Red Sox win 5-1
Cole's brother Shane, Shane's girlfriend Ashley; me, and Cole
Me and Cole with Fenway in the background
The years my great-grandfather played for the Red Sox