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Friday, September 27, 2013

Twitter Friday

This is the last Twitter Friday of the regular season.  It's been a great season for the Red Sox, having overcome such an embarrassing season 2012 and the horrendous finish of 2011.  Before the beginning of this season, the Red Sox went out and got the manager they desired (Farrell) and filled the roster with a mixture of established Red Sox players and new, veteran players with great reputations.  Some players worked out better than others; but overall, this team was constructed for success.

As I look back at this season, I think everyone can agree that it would be almost impossible to predict this Red Sox team succeeding in the way they did.  Not only is this team a winning team, they did it with flair and grace, something that's been missing the last few years in Boston.  This team is fun to watch, and I was lucky enough to watch them play live a few times this season.

Tomorrow, I will attend the Red Sox- Orioles game in Baltimore, which I'm pretty excited to do.  I've never been to Baltimore, but I do have a friend who has worked for the grounds crew at Oriole Park at Camden Yards a few years ago.  The park looks beautiful, and I love experiencing new baseball parks. Next Saturday, I will be going to the ALDS game at Fenway Park, and I'm more than psyched about that.

I was able to purchase a #GetBeard shirt, and I will be wearing it this weekend.  The #GetBeard slogan means more to me than just Red Sox, however.  Last week, my brother was diagnosed with leukemia; and to support him, my family decided to grow beards.  Obviously, I can't grow a beard, so I thought I would get the #GetBeard shirt in honor of him.  Luckily, the doctor caught the leukemia early, and my brother shouldn't have to go through chemotherapy, radiation, or a bone marrow transplant.  In fact, he should be able to live a normal life with the addition of taking a couple pills a day.

With all that said, sit back and enjoy the last Twitter Friday of the season.  Make sure to check back Monday for my post about the Red Sox- Orioles game and information regarding the postseason.  

I apologize for the unorthodox look of the blog today.  I had all the Tweets loaded from my iPad, and originally posted this at a coffee shop this afternoon.  Evidently, after I did an update on my iPad, properties changed and people were unable to view the tweets.


This week's Tweet of the Week is an inspirational one (at least for me):