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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Stay Connected!

Hello all!

Welcome to the postseason, Red Sox fans!  This week, I'm planning on doing more posts than the normal Monday, Wednesday, Friday posts, so make sure to keep checking back this week.  I'll be writing about the postseason roster tomorrow.

I wanted to also share other ways to stay connected to this blog!  As you can tell, this blog has had some changes over the last few weeks, and I'm hoping everyone is taking advantage of them.  You now refer the blog via Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.  If you like what you're seeing/reading, please take the time to refer the blog.

You can now follow Born Into It In Iowa on Twitter @BornIntoItInIA

You can also follow on Pinterest: BornIntoItInIA

Also, this blog has a Google+ account, so if you have Google+, I'd love to be in your Circle!

You can also sign up to be notified via email when there's a new post (you can find this towards the upper right-hand of this page, to the right of the newest post).

I'm still working what else this blog can do, and I'm toying with the idea of creating a Facebook page.  If you have any feedback, please free to let me know!